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Biology Kit - $239.95

The Logos Science Biology Lab Kit offers real hands-on biology experiments with a strong Christian emphasis. Developed with safety in mind, the kit offers a complete lab with virtually everything necessary to perform 33 biology experiments. The lab experiments are coordinated to work with most popular Christian texts.

The kit contains almost everything needed, including 32 different types of equipment, 6 prepared slides, 7 preserved specimens, 200-page manual, and Teacher's answer guide.

biology pictureExperiments :

    1. The Microscope
    2. Cell Lab: Selectively Permeable Membrane
    3. Cell Lab: Plant and Animal Cells
    4. Observing Chloroplasts
    5. Photosynthesis
    6. Mitosis
    7. DNA Model Lab
    8. Mutation Lab
    9. DNA Extraction
    10. DNA Fingerprinting
    11. Natural Selection
    12. Classification
    13. Forms of Bacteria
    14. Protista Lab
    15. Fungi Lab
    16. Monocots and Dicots
    17. Plant Leaves
    18. Parts of a Flower
    19. Dissection: Worm
    20. Dissection: Crayfish
    21. Dissection: Grasshopper
    22. Dissection: Fish
    23. Dissection: Frog
    24. Bone Comparison
    25. Ecology
    26. Muscle Cell Lab
    27. Lung Capacity
    28. Energy Packed Food
    29. Calories to Burn
    30. Blood Cells
    31. Dissection: Cow Eye
    32. Memory
    33. Dissection: Pig

Author Information:

Logos Science Biology was written by Elva Burlingham

Elva Burlingham has a passion for teaching science. For almost 30 years, she has taught biology and other sciences to students from elementary grades through high school in private, public, charter, and home schools. She has conducted laboratories both in formal classrooms and in off-site locations including her own home. Elva's wide experience in the classroom and with home-schooled students gives her a unique perspective and ability to make the labs "user-friendly".

Elva obtained her BS in education in 1975 and has held a teaching credential in California until today.

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